Coming out fresh from a long drawn buyout of mine and my husband’s business of 5 years, I was faced with a blank canvas. I was physically and mentally exhausted. My hypnotherapy session with Jayne really set me back on track. She took the time to listen to all my worries and showed a genuine sense of empathy and understanding. A lot of strong emotion came through during the session but I felt so calm, relaxed and regained my confidence and trust in myself after. It’s weeks after my session with Jayne, but a lot of the goodness has been embedded in my higher consciousness to help drive and encourage me along my journey.

I would highly recommend a session with Jayne if you need to pull yourself out of a rut and learn to embrace life’s goodness again!
— Ali P
I have seen Jayne for hypnotherapy and I have absolutely loved her sessions. Jayne’s sessions were incredible! She helped me identify and release long held emotional blocks. I came away feeling blissful and calm, and ready to take on the world!

Jayne has a beautiful and insightful nature and she is very intuitive in her approach to coaching and hypnotherapy. Jayne’s patience and support will help you achieve what you cannot achieve on your own. I can’t recommend Jayne enough!
— Charlotte W
Jayne’s approach is great! I always felt really positive after each session and loved that I could dedicate that time to focus 100% on myself. It’s always good to write goals down, but being able to actually talk about where I was at and my challenges was incredibly valuable. The written ‘wrap up’s Jayne provided after each session were also awesome! Being able to see how each week’s goals and little wins contributed to my bigger picture was really helpful to keep me on track.
— Melena B
Jayne’s wellness coaching has been hugely beneficial for me. Before her coaching I’d let old habits creep back in to my life which were zapping me of energy and motivation. With Jayne’s help I’ve implemented strategies and changed my routine, meaning I now have more time and energy to do the things I love. I’m less stressed, more in control and feel great!
— Kristie B
Working with Jayne allowed me to gain a really valuable outside perspective and helped me make sense of the bigger picture. Her experience and knowledge were invaluable in enabling me to work through the challenges that came up and moving forwards towards my goals. I also learnt the difference between ‘what I should do’ vs ‘what is actually important to me!
— Alice A
Jayne is super fun, understanding and full of pure brilliance and knowledge. Jayne introduced me to a great approach to making small changes with a big and lasting impact. She is a beautiful soul and a wealth of knowledge.
— Manja H
I can’t say enough good things about Jayne! I have never set enough time aside to even think about, much less write down my 6-12 month game plan. Before coaching I was constantly tired and felt an overall lethargy. Ever since my sessions with Jayne I’ve slept much better, have eaten healthier, set more boundaries with work and set aside more time for myself and what I turn making me feel like a new person! I have more energy and feel an overall lightness that I never felt before, as well as a great sense of accomplishment! On top of it all, I even ended up learning a bit of Spanish since my goals put so much more “me time” back in the day to do things that I want!
— Katherine L