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Feeling stressed, anxious and fatigued?

Unhealthy habits and negative thoughts stealing your energy?

Let me help you.

Hi, I’m Jayne and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach I help women just like you manage their stress and kick unhealthy habits and negative thinking.

Unhealthy habits and negative thinking block our health, energy and vitality.

When we're stressed, anxious and fatigued we often fall into a pattern of unhealthy choices and negative thinking. Relying on energy drinks and caffeine to make it through the 3pm energy slump, becoming dependent on a glass of wine at night to take the edge off the day, emotions and stress driving us to eat sweet treats or savoury snacks, overeating long after we're full, and putting off those gym classes until it 'quietens down'...

...but it never does quieten down, and you never do find the time or the energy to look at your diet, quit smoking, start exercising, change your sleep habits, find healthy alternatives or silence the inner critic inside your head. Before you know it you've become run down and exhausted.

And here's where I can help you. Simply speaking I help get you unstuck and moving forwards in the direction you actually want to be going in.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach my role is to support you in achieving the changes you’re ready to create so you can start living a truly healthy life.

More Balance. More Energy. More Life.

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